Muse 2 + Dev

Hi, new here. Muse 2 on route.

As a developer with more than a passing interest in neuroscience, I’m keen to see what I can do with my new (yet to arrive) muse 2. Am I looking at BlueMuse + Muse LSL? Any choices for C++?

Reading around, it sounds like the SDK is MIA. Will 6.0.3 support muse 2 but just not the new sensors or is it completely unsupported? I’m mostly just interested in brainwaves at this stage! :slight_smile:

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Muse 2 arrived. Muse direct download not possible and might not work with >2016 headband. BlueMuse crashes before starting stream.

Feeling disappointed but optimistically emailed research in the hope they can help.

I think the disappointment will continue until the SDK update. Be nice to know when this is planned for…

Bump? :disappointed_relieved:

There seems to be no plans to support the Muse 2 with the SDK anyway :poop:

Indeed :frowning:

I bought mine under the illusion that “we don’t have time to support the SDK right now but will have an update soon” meant they hadn’t completely abandoned it. Need to build our own I guess…

To add insult to injury, even if you manage to build an app, they aren’t granting commercial licenses which are necessary in order to get the app in an app store :poop::poop:

Also if you try to post a link to the beta in this forum in order to get feedback they delete the post :poop::poop::poop:

What would you need a commercial license for?

In order to release a mobile app to the app store.

Ummm, if you write your own app from scratch, I don’t see why!? If you use their SDK, let me know as I didn’t think it’s working for muse2…

Because it still uses the Muse hardware

No, I don’t think that’s correct. If you used their SDK, yes, but I can’t perceive what legislation would grant a company permission over any software that accessed their hardware. Just think about it. Have you read this somewhere or just assumed?

Well on the one hand the license only applies when using the SDK, but on the other hand AFAIK you have to get Interaxon’s permissions before using the Muse hardware in a commercial application, otherwise I assume they would have the app pulled from the iOS/Android app store.

Again, no. Why would you think that? I can write software to interact with all sorts of hardware. It doesn’t require the hardware manufacturers permission. Again, have you read this somewhere or are you just assuming it based on…?

Of course you can write it, but getting it in the app store is an entirely different matter. Since you’d be circumventing Interaxon’s licensing and payment structure, it certainly seems like they would request that the app be removed from the app store. How Apple or Google have responded in similar situations I have no idea.

Right, I’ll try one last time. Have you read this somewhere?

Interaxon would have nothing to do with someone buying a muse device and using some software with it (apart from making and selling the muse). Hardware isn’t licensed in that way (apart from certain parts of mobile phones) and it’s not actionable against the software creator. They could say the muse owner breached some terms and conditions and therefore was no longer under warranty, for example. The kind of licensing you are referring to would apply to an SDK (which I wish they’d fix!).

Apple and Google shouldn’t pull developers work based on say so and there aren’t any license breaches to action, are there? Did you read some somewhere?

I don’t have a C++ solution, but am pretty happy with this Java-based one.

I’m using Muse Direct (annual fee) and Muse Monitor (one-time charge) to stream Muse data: Muse headband -> iPhone -> laptop. On my laptop, I’m running a custom Java program using the OscP5 library to process the data. There is also an OSC Data Monitor tool available that lets you easily see what events (“addresses”) are being sent from the Muse.

The OscP5 library is designed to be used with the Processing IDE, but I just use the Processing libraries within my normal development environment (IntelliJ IDEA).


What works on muse 2 ?! It seems to me there is only one application that I can use so I start to think about returning the hardware … :frowning: