Muse 2 heart sensor laser beam is always active even during being idle degrading battery performance for no reason


I’ve just upgraded to Muse 2 and noticed that as soon as I launch Muse app and pair with the device, heart sensor laser beam is lit up. Doesn’t matter if you’re doing breathing and mind meditation or just scrolling the history, the laser beam stays on until you close the app. Checked it on both iOS and Android.

Isn’t this a major power consumption issue? Not only are we getting laser beamed for no apparent reason, but also degrading battery life significantly. For comparison, even when device is active in Muse Monitor, laser beam is off (probably due to older SDK).

I honestly wouldn’t mind if the heart sensor was continiously on as long as we could see the data synced with mind meditation (calmness + heart rate).

Sorry if this was already posted. Couldn’t find anything with quick search.


Not a laser, but an LED, a common way of measuring heart rate (Apple watch, Fitbit, etc). LEDs don’t consume much energy. And harmless. And surely Interaxon took power consumption into account. Are you actually seeing poor battery life?