Muse 2 (MU-03) Trouble Connecting


Hi all! I’ve been using my Muse 2 for a few weeks now and really want to start seeing the raw data and doing more with it! I downloaded MuseLab but my Mac won’t find the headset on bluetooth and the FAQ section doesn’t even have my model listed. Any help on how to get started is appreciated!


Muse-IO from the Mac tools only works with the first gen Muse (MU-01). If you want to see the data from the MU-02 or MU-03, I can recommend my app Muse Monitor :slight_smile:


I too am very disappointed that muse2 is not supported by many of the apps mentioned in this forum.
I like Muse Monitor so far but I am not sure how to make the most out of my muse2 and how best to interpret the data. It’s very MVP, are there plans to help people interpret the data and make the entire device more valuable?
It seems muse is great at making hardware but is a little bit behind with building the software to support their innovation.
To add, had it not been muse monitor, I would have returned my device by now. I am still intrigued…and hopeful.


There are many conflicting theories on how to interpret brainwave data. I am a programmer, not a neuroscientist, so with Muse Monitor I focus on providing pure data and try to stay away from imposing my own subjective interpretations.

Interaxon have a great beginners guide to brainwaves here.

If you want something a little more in-depth, then I can recommend the research paper “My Virtual Dream: Collective Neurofeedback in an Immersive Art Environment” by Natasha Kovacevic, Petra Ritter, William Tays, Sylvain Moreno, Anthony Randal McIntosh.

According to this paper, relaxation can be determined as an increase in relative spectral power of Alpha, meaning High Alpha and/or lower other waves.

For a more basic start, I would take a look at the Wikipedia article on Alpha waves and from there you can follow a trail of links into the Internet :wink: