Muse 2 Muse Direct connection Windows 10



I have recently made the mistake of buying a Muse 2 headband and am attempting to connect it via Muse Direct on Windows 10 PC’s.

I have tried it on 4 very different, but new, PC setups and all just say connection failed.

I have tried using Muse Monitor on Android, but this also doesn’t work with Muse 2.

Muse’s tech support have ignored me except to send a vague “buy a different BT dongle” message.

Has anyone managed to get a Muse 2 to connect to Muse Direct on a Windows 10 PC?



Muse Monitor for Android is currently not compatible with the Muse-2, until Interaxon update their SDK to support it, sorry :frowning: Currently the Apple version of Muse Monitor will connect to the Muse-2, but will not display the pulse data. If you email me at I will add your email to my notification list for when the update is ready.

I have managed to get Muse-2 to connect on my Windows 10 PC, but unfortunately the bluetooth dongle thing is the correct answer! I went through five different dongles before I found one that worked. The bottom line is that bluetooth on Mac/PC is super sketchy and there’s not much you can do about it. This is the main reason I’ve only released Muse Monitor for Android/Apple, as I don’t want to field tech support for people with bluetooth issues! … Once you’ve got the “correct” BLE usb Muse Direct will still crash out a lot when editing settings, but it’s generally stable once it’s streaming if you don’t press any of the buttons.

This is the Bluetooth module that works for me - USB Bluetooth V4.0.3. Wireless Mini Adapter Dongle. Unfortunately it’s not a brand name that’s easy to find! I’m sure, it’s a cheap Chinese clone of something… but it works!


Thanks for the reply!

I’ve found the same USB adapter on, so I’ll order it and see how it works (its only £2.26 - $3.78 Canadian!).

I email you as advised to be added to the notification list for the Muse Monitor update…

To be honest I wish I’d not brought the device on impulse whilst in Toronto on business last week, if I’d waited and purchased in the UK it would have been sent back for a full refund days ago - it just feels like an unsupported half baked product, at least on Android.

Cheers for your help,


Are you able to see all the sensor data on Muse Direct? I just received my Muse 2 today, and was a bit bummed that I couldn’t connect to anything that would let me see waves in real-time.

If you can, I’ll get my hands on a Bluetooth dongle this week.


No. Win 10 Muse Direct doesn’t show the new Muse-2 pulse sensor yet. Currently it’s only showing the same data as available on the 2014/2016 Muse.



Good enough for me :slight_smile: Will be exciting to see the pulse-sensor feedback in the future.

I’m happy enough with the EEG data for now; best get my hands on a Bluetooth dongle, hoping the first one I buy will work!


I have the exact same dongle. Win 10 recognizes the dongle but Muse 2 will not connect. Is there a procedure you used to config Muse 2 to connect via the dongle?


I don’t know what’s changed, but I just tried for 30 minutes to get my Muse-2 to connect and now it’s not working at all with Muse Direct! I swear it connected before, but now I get nothing except “connection failed”. My 2016 Muse works fine, but the 2018 one refuses to pair. I even re-installed Muse Direct. Sorry, I’m not sure what to suggest! I’m beginning to doubt my sanity as I’m sure it connected once before.


This is really disappointing. I just went to buy a Bluetooth USB Dongle and the dongle itself is giving me trouble - I’ve spent almost 2 hours trying to get it to work and the chances are the Muse 2 won’t even connect with it after reading this. I’ll probably just wait for the Android version of Muse Direct to release, because I doubt I’ll be able to get it running on Windows. Maybe I should have just gotten the Muse 1 instead :frowning: