Muse 2 raw data in real time


The additional sensors in the Muse 2 are just what I’ve been looking for to track client responses in real time in Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy sessions. However, I just want to check if any of the third party apps are able to show the data such as heart rate and respiration in real time along with the EEG? And if these values could be recorded through the duration of a session?


No 3rd party apps can yet. It looks like Interaxon want to wait until the new year before they update the SDK unfortunately. :frowning:
See this thread here: Will the SDK support Muse 2 and all its new sensors?


Hey Enigma644, no update at this time. The immediate status is NO support for Muse2 in the SDK. That will probably change in the new year.

As soon as the update is made available I will update Muse Monitor to support all the sensors, and if Interaxon do not release an SDK update quickly, I will write my own SDK an open source it to the community.


I am cross finger for you Enigma644!
And really waiting for SDK support for Muse2 with its forehead PPG sensor!



Thanks for the great app Muse Monitor. I bought it. 5 stars and all.

How can I read the OCS stream on my Mac OSX? I can code python, and can get through java.

Is there a way to capture the OCS stream and write my own app to do that? What kind of direction should I search for?

Thank you.


You can definitely write you own app. If you Google “Python OSC Library” there are a few options. You could also try using Processing, which I think is also python based.


Thank you!

If I grab the OSC with the [insert] library to stream to my Macbook does the content (the data of the Muse 2 2018) of the bundle (OSC-data packet) contain any specific order?

For example, to draw the theta band on some channel within the OSC data streamed from my Android phone to my Mac via the “Python OSC Library”. And if so, how do I recognise the different bands in the content packages send via OSC?

This might become clearer to me when I go into a “Python OSC Library”, but I think accessing specific channels is easier than figuring out which datastream is which.


Muse Monitor’s OSC Spec is here. :slight_smile:


Yes, that one! Thank you :slight_smile:


hi all . just trying to get some clarity on what is possible. Is it correct to say that there is or will be a version of Muse Monitor that supports both IOS and Android and works with Muse 2, which will allow us to write apps that process this data ? Sorry the announcement that Interaxon will no longer support the SDK is confusing the issue for me. Thanks for the help


Muse Monitor currently works with Muse 2 on both iOS and Android.
However, the new PPG (heart/blood oxygen) sensor data is not currently available.