Muse 2 released!


Muse 2 just got released. From a quick look at the website I see minor changes to the design and some new functionality added:

  • Body (Accelerometer)
  • Breath (PPG + Gyroscope)
  • Bluetooth 5.0

I couldn’t find full specification so the above is based on the information from the product page (you can check it out here: Muse 2)

I think it looks better (I hope they will have the white colour too!) but I wonder how will the new sensors work (body and breath). Unfortunately my number one whish from the list I created here not adressed - you can’t use it while moving (doing yoga, running or other sports). You can’t meditate in move which I love doing.

Are you going to upgrade from version 1?


Thanks for posting, this looks accurate! PPG is also used for heart rate as well. About using EEG while moving: EEG technology will never work while you are moving as the signal from your muscles is vastly more powerful than your brainwaves. So muscle movement obscures the brain signal. Perhaps some future technology could allow you to do this, but not EEG.


It is already out of stock! I want to test before 2019 but not looks possible :frowning: