Muse 2 Signal Quality - help?


Hi there,

I got two 15 minute sessions to work with my new Christmas Muse 2 though it repeatedly dropped connection. Now I can’t get the headband to light up at all on the horseshoe indicator. When the session opens, the top goes black and the colors start, stripe out, and then stay white. I can’t get them to make any colors after that, no matter how much I readjust and wait a minute or 3 to see if it will start. I’ve restarted the app dozens of times, and also restarted the headband a lot.

My head/ears are clean. No hair in the way. I’ve used tap water on the sensors and ear pieces. I’ve adjusted and readjusted and done everything they suggested. I’ve gone through the forums. I loved the device yesterday and this morning! But now it won’t work. What should I do? I’m using the app on Android. Seems to have no problems connecting via bluetooth, and battery is full. I’m really frustrated.

Thanks for the help. I emailed the community at interaxon email but got a bounce.


Further - it works fine on my wife’s iPhone. I tried everything all over again this morning. Beyond frustrated. Is it true that it just doesn’t work with Android? Should I return and try the Muse 1? Or give up?


I am having the same dropped signal quality. I have had Muse2 for 25 days and problems only started in the last 10 days.
Very stress inducing from something that is supposed to support an activity meant to reduce stress.
Please share suggestions to resolve.
I have sent a message to the Muse Customer care team and and will update once 1 receive a response.


I seen to be having the same trouble I’m thinking I better send this back hate to be out the money I spent reviews are not looking good


Still haven’t heard anything from them, not here and not from Twitter and not from their email help request. Seems like a tech company didn’t understand giving everyone the weeks off after Christmas was a super bad idea. Just one social media person to say “Sorry, we’re working really hard on it!” would have allayed us, but now we’re all pissed! It’s too bad! Off to write my Amazon review now…


Neither have I. I also have the same problem so Muse2 is currently unusable… Really frustrating… There is a Muse Community on Facebook. Lots of people having similar issues.
I will hold off writing reviews until I hear back from them. Otherwise, I will be wanting my money back pretty sharpish.


I have the same problem. Got my muse2 about 2 weeks ago. It worked fine initially but over the last couple of days. When i start up I get to signal quality check. A blank circle and that’s it. As with the previous writers I’ve tried all the suggestions to no avail. There doesn’t seem to be anyway to contact the company either. Contact points lead to blank pages. Anyone any suggestions as to were to go from here?


hiya - I got rid of the app on my phone and reinstalled - I think it’s a new version, and it’s finally been working for me well - hope it does for you, too!


Hi Rachael
I believed I’d got the most up to date app on my phone, but anyway, thought I’d give your idea a try.
Decided to give the headphones one more go first.
Guess what? Worked fine!
So thanks very much for that, whatever it was!


very welcome. The frustration is ironic in what we’re trying to do!


20hrs of use in one month i had zero issues on my brand new muse 2. Now all of a sudden the next morning after an hour of fucking with it the ear sensors wil not calibrate. Reset my phone, reset the muse, wet my ears, wet the sensors, talked nicely to it, cursed my face off… Did everything. Beyond frustrated with this paperweight now and have a 4hr drive to even attempt at a replacement.


I just got a muse 2 and had to fiddle with tightness and also making sure that the headband is centered well on my forehead. I finally went and looked in a mirror to make sure everything was sitting snugly and evenly and then it worked perfectly. I’m getting the feel for the correct placement and it works like a charm now.