Muse 2016 can't get paired with Mac


Hi folks!
I have a problem with my Muse2016. Every time I run muse-io, it follows the same message: "No paired devices exist with matching name or MAC!"
Muse doesn’t even appear in the Bluetooth window (and I’m sure I got Bluetooth LE).
I’m working with OSX 10.10.5
Any idea???
Thank you all,


Hi. Unfortunately, muse-io does not work with the Muse 2016 headband. The easiest solution is to use a third party application to connect the headband to an iPhone or Android device in place of muse-io and have that application forward the data to the Mac as an OSC stream.


@cbillard can you suggest some third party applicatons that allow an android to connect Muse 2016 to my Mac as an OSC stream.
Also how do we know what EEG wave corresponds to what OSC message ?
Thank you.


My app Muse Monitor does OSC streaming from iOS or Android and is compatible with MuseLab. Just run Muse Monitor, set your Mac/PC IP in settings, press the stream button then load this config file in MuseLab :slight_smile:

The OSC message structure can be found on the developer site under research tools, available data..
I was also just chatting about it on this thread here.


Hi, I installed Muse Monitor and tried several times. The problem it only picks up three sensors: left ear, left forhead, right forhead. I never get the right ear (TP10). With the muse app all the sensors are recieved and the calibration goes well. When I switch from Muse to Muse monitor, on my samsung ,the right ear sensor strangely dissappears ?


Also, how can I transmit from Muse Monitore to my Mac through Wifi?


@Walid, I suspect that you just have a bad connection on TP10. The Muse Monitor horse shoe indicator (HSI) will always show you real live data, where as the Interaxon Calm app shows a much more smoothed interpretation. Check the raw sensor view for TP10 (tap through views with the Graphs button). The better the connection, the flatter the microvolts line will show.

With regard to transmitting over Wifi, please see my previous message above, it really is as easy as pressing one button :wink:


@ Enigma 644 I have a new Muse and have been using it for less than a month. When I’m on the raw sensor view the TP10 is totally flat it gives out no data unlike the other sensors ! :worried:


Please send a data recording to first set the recording interval to constant in settings and format to CSV. Start recording after you have a good connection and send me a minute or two of data.


Is it possible to programmatically access the contents of the data stream being fed to MuseLab to enable Macbook-side real time computation?


Yes. Muse Monitor sends data to Muse Lab in an OSC format stream over the network, however there is no reason that this needs to go to MuseLab, you can just as easily receive it with another program. You just need to listen to port 5000 UDP. The OSC packet format is well documented online.


hi - I have the same problem.
If it is the case - weak connection… then what to do? Can I get it repaired?

appreciate all the work you people have done


Hi, what’s the other way - the one without going through a third party application?