Muse 2016 + Neuromore Studio using OSC Input via Muse Direct...anyone got it working?


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I just got my Muse 2016 (MU-02) headband working with my Win10 laptop after buying the recommended, compatitble Insignia Bluetooth dongle. I am using Muse Direct on the PC to connect to the headset and am trying to pipe the OSC output to Neuromore Studio as input.

For example, Muse Direct defaults OSC to UDP port 7000 at path Person0/eeg/0.

Using OSC Data Monitor for Windows by kasperkamperman [dot] com, I can verify the OSC data on those ports.

However, I can’t seem to get this data to show up live in Neuromore Studio. The studio has support for Muse 2014 to recognize it as a device, but also should support my newer headset via OSC input.

I’ve changed the Neuromore Settings->Network->Input UDP Port from the default 4545 to 7000, and the Local Endpoint to

And no matter what I put in the OSC address (/Person0/eeg/ or Person0/eeg/ or /Person0/eeg/0, etc) it doesn’t seem to ever see the live #'s coming in.

Neuromore documentation ( says each OSC port should only have one float value in it, which maybe this is my problem because /Person0/eeg has 5 values. But I’ve tried other paths according to Muse documentation ( that have a single value with no luck.

Has anyone gotten Muse 2016 + Win10 + Neuromore working??



additional images that may help



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