Muse 2016 not working. Sensors problem


Hello …

I recently purchased Muse from amazon. was very excited but for good … Seem like I received a damaged product or something. Please help . I understand It have 12 month warranty. I paid almost 300 $ for Muse+ box and another 200 $ for international shipment + 50 Dollars for custom duty. No point to bear another courier charges to send it to company and then more charges to get it back + duty…

I am hoping maybe its a software glitch. I can see muse getting connected over bluetooth , but gets stuck in Muse App on my first session, and keep asking " if you havent tries already try you headband now" … Here are the steps I have tried …

1). I tried to use Muse with different device. I have tried it with “IPAD mini 4” , “Iphone 7” “IPAD mini 2” and “Samsug S8 Plus”.
2). With all the Devices when I open the Muse app, i can see Muse Headband. ( Please check attachments name Muse Headband Connected1 and Muse Headband Connected2 )".
3). With all 4 device I get Stuck at the same Screen “Check Your Signal Quality”, ( Please check Screenshort name "Check Your Signal Quality.
4). So all 4 Device can connect with Muse but they is no reading from the sensors.
5). Battery Power Indicator is also showing Battery charge ( Please Check screenshot “Check Your Signal Quality”.
6). Muse App is also using serial number of the connected Device.

Please help since I have tried it on with so many device I dont see any connected issues. I can see the battery level, serial number, and it appear to be connected but no sensor reading.
probably something wrong with sensors or some other hardware or software fault.

Is there anyway I can flash some previous firmware ? or anyway software way I can check if i can initialize sensors etc ?
Any good ideas ? I opened it clips also to see if there is any minor wire broken etc, but not as such…

Please suggest…



Hi Shani,
You mentioned that you get stuck at the signal quality screen,

I don’t see a screen shot of it. Can you post a screenshot of the screen where you’re stuck and also a photo of you wearing the headband? I wonder if there is hair between the sensors and your skin. Here is an article on getting good signal quality:


I think you probably just need to sit still with the Muse on your forehead before it will advance past that screen


I spoke to the customer services and they send me a new unit … very helpful people … really obliged…
my last unit was damaged somehow … New unit is working just fine…

Thanks (:


I’m with the same problem, how do I get in touch with the customer services?


same here. have you found a solution/ way to get in touch with them? i really don’t have all this time. i am on peptides and i spend a lot of money and time on them so i can’t do it all myself. please come back with updates if you have any.