Muse 2016 to OpenVibe and lsl generic questions


Hello everybody
I bought a muse 2016 and i was wondering if there is a way to stream data from Muse to openvibe via lsl stream (guess is the only way)
As far as i know is only possible with the combo muse 2014 - muse-io since muse-io can stream to a lsl-server.
Any suggestion?
Anyone tried a workaround like:
stream from musemonitor -> program that receive OSC and transform to LSL -> stream to OpenVibe acquisition sever.?


I don’t know much about LSL, but I’m very curious about it. Can it be compiled to iOS? I see some reference to a Mac version, but not since Xcode 8. There does seem to be an Android build, so that might be do-able. Nothing currently exists AFAIK, but LSL seems to be pretty well developed so a port seems possible.

edit: Also this looks promising:


While I haven’t used it with OpenVibe, I’ve done quite a bit of work based on this codebase:


For those who interested i’ve been able to stream to openvibe using lsl
with under linux
and with under windows

I’ve got timeout problems using the internal bluetooth of Lenovo T450, so i’ve bought a Trust Bluetooth Dongle (chipset CSR8510 ) which is also suggested by muse and now everything works fine.


Yep, I can confirm using Win10 + Insignia USB Bluetooth Dongle + BlueMuse + OpenViBE is working thru the LSL bridge. Thanks for the tip.