Muse 2016 wont connect to my Muse direct


Muse 2016 stopped connecting to my desktop PC (with ASUS donge) and laptop. Week before it worked just fine. Now the Muse light is just blinking. I uninstalled the Muse direct app and reinstalled but this have not solved the problem !


I have had this happen several times. Check your Bluetooth devices in Windows 10 and remove any Muse devices showing up. Then go back to Muse Direct and it should see your Muse again. If not, close Muse Direct, toggle your computer’s Bluetooth off and then on again, and go back to Muse Direct. When you click on your Muse device in Muse Direct it should ask if you want to pair it up. You no longer need to pair directly from within the Windows 10 Bluetooth device settings.