Muse Accuracy


Hi there,

I read in the form that muse does its calm setting relative to the calibration. So If I am already calm during calibration that means that I would end up with poor scores and if I am mentally very active during calibration I get great scores. This is no indicator of what states I am really achieving though to my mind.

I would have thought that it would have analysed the relative amount of brain waves in theta, delta and gamma and determined how well the meditative state was from that. Can someone please explain just how it works so that I can have confidence that it is tr asking my relative calm and the more calm the better I am get toting at it.

I can easily achieve over 90% calm now.


Silence was the firm reply. I have now stopped using Muse due to there being no way to reliably monitor your progress


I didn’t see this post originally, looks like I’m too late :slight_smile: : “This is no indicator of what states I am really achieving though to my mind” therefore “Muse is not useful”.

I don’t really know if Muse is useful but nevertheless the inference above is not valid. Useful feedback can certainly be relative rather than absolute - as when somebody is helping you move a car by indicating “more left” and “more right”. Evidently this is what Muse is trying to do in the Calm app. IN fact some of the 3P apps use more absolute types of feedback - but I’m not sure that they are more useful than Calm.