Muse algorithms


Hi everyone!

I’m just a muse user. We are developing an app thank to sdk provided by Muse team. But I would like to know if the data we are getting from muse (eeg) have a processing before that I get it in the app. I want to know if there is an algorithm, a classifiers, a filter, or if it will be the “black box”. I have to justify my project.

Any help will be useful to finish


AFAIK, for raw EEG, this is just a voltage in microvolts. There is also notch-filtered eeg, where filter removes everything with freq. 44-65 Hz.


question: eeg raw data has one channel per each position (4). How does this data relates to AUX_RIGHT channel?


AUX_RIGHT is the right USB port Auxiliary EEG. You can connect a single wire electrode and get another EEG signal.


Thanks! In my case, I didn’t use usb cable, but I still got that column with data, in all my records


It doesn’t need to be connected to generate data. It’s still a fully functioning EEG sensor, it’s just not touching your skin.


As I understand, EEG data comes from voltaje difference in forehead skin. In the air there is no voltaje difference so it should’t record anything…


No. Being unconnected and grounded are very different things.


what’s the difference?


Google “why do you need pull up and pull down resistors” and read the bits about floating wires. There are lots of articles on this, so I didn’t want to add just one link!


cool, thanks!