Muse and Ableton Live


Hi, I recently received my Muse Headband. It is the 2016 model by the looks of it. I’m mainly interested in using it with Ableton Live on OSX. I purchased Muse Port, an app that pipes in OSC data to Ableton from the headset. ( ). Unfortunately I can’t seem to pair my headband with my Macbook. Seems like this is a common problem. Is there a workaround for this or is this headband a waste of time and money?


This needs to be communicated more clearly by Interaxon. The only working solution is to get the app Muse Monitor and use it as a conduit to send OSC data to your MacBook. The steps I found from another answer here on the forum by Engima, but Interaxon definitely needs to do a writeup on this and explain it better, otherwise the 2016 headband is useless for developers on OS X (and I think Linux as well). You can also request for a 2014 headband which I’ve just done after getting the 2016 headband working via Muse Monitor.


Were you able to get everything working? I may write a Medium post on it in a bit.


Rather than attempt a work around I ended up getting a 2014 headset instead


Where did you get a 2014?