Muse and HEG


I had very limited success with the Muse at first. I mean very low points to be honest. I’m not sure if it’s because the sound feedback just don’t get through to me, the delay time if any, etc but I had not even got one bird, then I purchased a pIR HEG Headband by J. Carmen - not to plug him there’s just no brand name - and started training with that. It trains attention and focus. Where the Muse uses sound my pIR headband uses video. Where the winds and water calm with Muse, HEG Studio, the software for the headband, plays looped videos, which go forward as long as you are sending more blood to your frontal lobes. When the amount of blood being oxygenated in the frontal lobes declines the video plays backwards. There are several different CGI videos to choose from, the reactiveness to your success can be adjusted, and the speed of the videos can be adjusted. Anyways I somewhat quickly learned to use the pIR headband. This can be measured in how fast you increase your % from your baseline reading which is determined each time you start a new session. Now I can increase my % much faster than at first and am sustaining the increase for longer periods of time. To be fair I was actually using headphones with one ear messed up for a few muse sessions. Also that aha! moment where you first start to realize what this focus thing you’re trying increase feels like was eluding me. Long story short my first session with the muse after the pIR training I got 424 points, 13 birds, and 4 milestones.

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Dear willzell,

it sounds interesting what you write about Bm*r. I’ve nearly the same problem with Muse: in the beginning I get some success-feedback, but then the frequencies get more and more noisy and I suck with the birds :slight_smile:

May I ask you why you have been using Muse and biofeedback and if the biofeedback helped you with your everyday-life afterwards? Drop me a message if you like: