MUSE and Matlab


I was wondering if anyone has got oscmex (the Matlab OSC reader) running with muse-io, and if anyone has a library of MATLAB functions to use with MUSE data. Since Matlab is mentioned in several places on the MUSE project page I am assuming they might? It’d be great to have a shared repository of processing, analysis, and visualisation scripts?


Good question. I am also highly interested in answers before buying Muse and MatLab.
I believe it will work with the new SDK v2 version, since MusePlayer (Phyton script) is now available and has an option to convert Muse data to MatLab.

I spent my full day yesterday looking for the tools available for MatLab and I was impressed with EEGLAB open source from SCCN Institute for Neural Computation based in the UCSD University of California San Diego -
I would give it a try, given the team names, the open source nature and the big comunity of contributors involved with new add-ins toolboxes.

I would also like to know if there are plans to support the Arduino plataform (bluetooth serial I/O for the ATMEGA microprocessors) like NeuroSky has in it’s Developers Tools.

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Hi Eduardo,

Thanks for the tip on EEGLAB I will definitely check it out. I have just spent the last hour getting muse-player to work, and I don’t think its what we want for real-time reading of the muse-io OSC output into matlab. It doesn’t seem to create the output file until after the process has been closed, so its not going to be realtime. Most times I close (Ctrl C) the muse-player the matlab.mat file has 0 bytes, Once it had more than that but then still I couldn’t get matlab to read it… but maybe that’s a user error, I’m not a matlab geek…

Tomorrow I’ll have another stab at getting oscmex to read the muse-io output direct into matlab…

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Attached is a link to a 64bit build of oscmex against the liblo-0.28 release and Matlab 2013a 64-bit install. The dll’s are the 64bit versions and are there for reference but shouldn’t be needed to use the mexw64 files. I’ve done some brief testing with it and it seems to work. Hopefully we can push out some sample code using osc and matlab shortly.


Hi everyone,

I wrote code in matlab to acquire the muse-io OSC output (EEG and acceleration) in matlab online, you can find the code here (it does not make use of the oscmex library)


Hi ,
I tried using this code to read muse data in realtime, but it appears that the data transfer using this method is very slow , when using this method it take a while before all data is read (for example, took me 14 seconds to read 5 seconds of data). is there a way to increase the reading speed so its done in real time? is there a reason data is transfer so slowly?


Hi Matt
I tried running the mex files but I get a error saying “the specified module not found” is there a DLL missing from the zip file you shared? any idea how I can solve this problem?


I don’t see the attachment anymore. Can you attach it again.


Hello dears,
I have Muse 2016, how can I read the eeg data from muse direct in matlab using udp


Hi… Do you think if you can help me to configure? I have some troubles in line 64


I’ve already configure the main parameters that are mentioned in % comments spaces