Muse and Max/MSP


Hi, anyone tried to use Muse hardware in a Cycling '74 Max/MSP project?


I am, yes. Sending the various readings into Ableton Live via Max for Live aligned with the signal from your instrument, with the idea of automatically triggering recording when a desirable brain state has been reached.That’s my primary goal, among others.


to_the_sun : I’m working on a music project also, using PureData on the backend. I’d appreciate any info that you can share concerning which OSC values are the most useful. My previous experience is with the Neurosky Mindwave and there is a lot more data here to choose from. It would also be helpful if I could reduce the stream of OSC data down to what I am actually using. I seem to get all the OSC paths regardless of the command line options.


Well I’m just using the 0 to 1 relative measurements they provide for each band right now, and taking the highest sensor reading of the four. I actually haven’t had much of an opportunity to experiment as of yet, although I’ve put together a pretty nice little interface device to get all the readings in. In the next couple of weeks I will though. I’ve already built a rhythmic pattern detection device and, running the two together, I’ll be able to figure out exactly what brain patterns are associated with playing an instrument in a steady rhythm.

Have you tried changing the


argument in the command line to get less osc messages?

So what are you working on?


Hi there to_the_sun

I’m really interested in what you’re talking about here. Could you email me at the below address please?


Hello MaxMSP / Muse User !

I will receive my Muse Today or Next week and I’m very excited with the possibilities. I’ve been working on a Max project with specific frequencies having special properties and would like to be able to get the most information from the Muse reading and choose the good frequencies depending on the actual state of the person.

Also the Muse will help me see the effect before and after the frequencies inductions.

A lot of question will arise about how to analyse the raw data and how to get cue values out of the reading.

Any links or cues where to start after reading the docs ?

Thank you !


@equanimous For me, the concentration parameter has wound up being my go to reading.

This is what I’ve done so far


Hey there,

Just thought I would add a little note to this thread - we’ve got an example of how to receive Muse OSC messages in Max/MSP up at: