Muse and Music



So I’ve been thinking about how the muse headset could be used to determine a persons level of enjoyment/emotional state and then automatically make smart choices regarding the progression of the music they are listening to.

To start it would be integrated with DJ software, you would select what genres you are interested in and then it would start a new mix playlist, mixing in and out of songs based on your EEG signals, with the aim of maximizing enjoyment levels.

Further down the line, when AI is good enough to procedurally generate music, this could be taken a step further by having the music be custom built for you in real time, again with the aim of maximizing enjoyment levels.

The ultimate goal would be to have an AI so good at raising your levels of enjoyment that every song you hear would be like listening to your favorite song for the first time, all the time.

Would be cool to see what other peoples thoughts are on this?



My first thought is the issue that the ventromedial prefrontal cortex is the part that encodes the emotional value of stimuli, but the Muse sensors are over the rostrolateral prefrontal cortex.


Dorsolateral and superior frontal gyrus, vmpfc is deeper