Muse App for Loving Kindness Meditation

Greetings! After reading some of the early eeg studies on Tibetan monks doing compassion meditation, I think I know a way that an app could be created for Muse that could be used to entrain compassion and loving kindness meditation. I’ve been experimenting with Muse Monitor and I’m getting readings consistent with the research. I’m not a developer and can’t really write the necessary code. Anyone interested in collaboration?


Muse: the brain-sensing headband device is an over-the-counter product manufactured by Interaxon, Toronto, CA, and is legally marketed for general sales worldwide. It is not considered a medical device. The eBrainAvatar Muse Mood app is a nonclinical program intended for emotional response awareness, and is not considered neurofeedback… Neither the hardware nor the applications are intended to diagnose or treat any disorder. No prescription or license are required to purchase and use the Muse headband or the eBrainAvatar Muse Mood application.

Hi Mark,

I am a graduate student at San Jose State University, California, USA. Few of us here are working on developing tools to help meditate better and attain mindfulness. It would be great if we could discuss more about this.

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Looking forward to hear from you!

Rathna Ramesh

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Yes! i have read the book “stealing fire” and it talks about this and also Nuns that go into deep prayer and lose their sense of self. Not sure if the compassion meditation is the same- i think the compassion is a gamma wave type, but the Nun related loss of self is linked to decreased activity in the right temporal lobe (don’t quote me but i think thats the area)

I’m currently working on something that can allow me to see the different states - i.e. gamma, delta, alpha so that i can understand meditation more.

Dan Winter is working on an app

that uses binaural beats, but its not coming out till may 2017.

Hi, I am thankful to you for sharing this awesome article with this helpful knowledge.This is a great post about meditation and Binaural Beats frequences.Thanks for the info! is launching this week- does include tibetan gamma eeg options, and powerful bliss binaural beats - ( our precedent discussion- tibetan gamma- intro:

Anyone know if Flami in mind or similar is on android? i can’t find it.

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