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Would you be interested in app for muse that would give you back info on your emotions and flow. We have 4 years of experience in using this indicators and now we are thinking on implementing them on muse. To make it a little bit more conclusive could you like the post or write and I will count that as yes.
Also if you have other ideas about what would you like to have we would listen carefully. Try to be creative we have indicators of emotions (BIS/BAS), attention, flow, sleep stage but we can find more and they can be join in various ways with different other functionalites.


Most definitely!


I would very much like such an app. Not sure about tracking emotions, but tracking focus would be critical.
My particular use-case is that I like to track how cognitive performance is enhanced (through sleep, training (e.g. n-back), supplements/nootropics) using chess specifically for my testing.
So I will either play very long games of chess or play a series of very quick (bullet) chess games - in both cases I want to see what my brain is up to. Bullet games are particularly useful because there is a way to measure progress (rating) and they require both focus, and fast but accurate decisions.

Now as to the features of the app:

  1. unlimited time - or at least a few hours of monitoring. 20 mins for current muse calm app is not sufficient when I want to track my mental performance for hours.
  2. session log/notes - the “sleep” cycle app has this, basically a simple way to check off what I might have done before a session (l-theanine, caffeine, 8 hours sleep etc… I could add custom items that I want to track). Possibly after a session ends, an overall session sentiment (felt focused, played well, felt calm, whatever I want to custom add) could also be tracked.
  3. something that ties session brain tracking to the items in 2. - e.g. I appear to be more focused if I take supplements X, Y, Z…or even stuff I have not entered as notes - the app knows what time of day it is, for example, so would be nice if it could tell me I am most focused at 10 AM (for example)
  4. mainly just let me start a session and monitor - not like the calm app (which is has a specific purpose). Whether I am working, meditating, playing chess, or trying very hard to concentrate, I just want to be able to have the app monitor this. Of course, the app should still “dumb down” the results (I was focused for X mins, relaxed for Y etc).

The bottom line for me is I would certainly buy your app if I could use it to assess how what I do effects my mental state. Only tracking what I do is not enough; only tracking mental state is not enough - if you can tie them together, your app will be a winner!

How for along is your app, by the way? When do you anticipate releasing it?


We are waiting for SDK or API for Android. The algorithms are ready because we work with EEG on a daily basis for last four years. I hope that it will be a month after we get API. You know that there is a lot of types of focus? It is: calming meditation similar to sleepiness, there is “cognitive” (my name), e.g. while doing a very difficult / demanding task and there is attention which also has its variations.
As for the “assess how what I do effects my mental state” we know how to do that but thats lots of extra work - we would do that eventually so the easiest way would be to make app results importable for future release of “discovery” app and in mean time I could build you an excel spreadsheet for logging and simple discovery :slight_smile:


Hey rudzinskimaciej - a few points:

  1. Hopefully an iOS (or Windows or Mac) app is also available shortly after your Android one.
  2. That is good to know that there are different types of focus and you can tell which is which. Perfect for what I want.
  3. I agree that “connecting the dots” (an activity --> mental state) analysis may take a lot of extra work, but [I]minimally [/I]consider adding a simple session logging feature like “sleep cycle” does (you create the items you want to track, and check them off before a session starts - looks like this - this really should take very little time to develop and importantly keeps the mental tracking and activity logging together. Your current proposal means I have to open two apps (yours and excel) and make sure I correctly associate one session with the other, which makes it impractical (I can forget, I can be away from my computer etc.) If all items are kept in your data (log + tracking) - then that is fine - I can pull down all the data and do discovery in Excel… until you build a full tracking and discovery app :slight_smile:

EDIT: another headset pretty much describes what I am eventually after - if you follow their images, it lets the user associate an item with focus so that e.g. early morning is when they are most focused.
If your app could basically replicate this for muse - and, by the sounds of it, even improve detection of different brain focus states - then it is exactly what I need.


Hi rudzinskimaciej - are you moving ahead with the app? Or still waiting on Muse to release the API? Just wondering if you have any further thoughts on what I am looking for out of an app.


Hi there,

I know this is an older post, but just in case you’re unaware and still interested we do have a release of an Android API/SDK available now here:

I’m excited to see what you create with it.


That app idea sounds awesome to me, not to mention unique - I don’t know of any other consumer EEGs that can do this.