Muse as a BCI for hardware and software - brainstorm (heh)


Starting this topic in the hopes that it could turn into a discussion on how to proceed with more BCI style apps for Muse. Either with software/games, or with hardware (ideally connected to apps).

Also, to discuss how to go about creating and defining mind events or mind states measured with Muse, that can be used to control a game, app or hardware device.

Other neuroheadsets have developed different strategies for this:

  • Not counting ‘blink’, the Neurosky headsets have two values that, when they reach a certain number or have persisted above or below a certain threshold, can initiate something happening: they call these values Attention/Concentration and Relaxation/Meditation. Having used a Neurosky headset for a couple of years, I know that it IS possible to improve one’s ability to affect these values, but even with pretty extensive usage, I am still not able to reliably increase or decrease these values at an instant - it generally takes a little time to get the meditation or attention meters to rise or fall, and to keep them at max for a period of time is sometimes easy and sometimes hard, without me knowing exactly what it is that makes it so.

Whether this is because my mind control just sucks or because the system is imprecise, and if so, in what way, I do not know. I have not heard from anyone who has declared themselves to be a master of instantly affecting these values.

  • Emotiv EPOC apparently uses a calibration software that adapts to the users own definitions for a number of commands (directions, etc). Theoretically, this sounds like it would be more effective, but I have no personal experience of using this, so I don’t know how well it works in practice.

  • I have no experience of any other neuroheadsets.

But I am wondering if we can come up with some good ideas and create a better understanding of strategies and challenges in this topic, keeping it advanced enough to be accurate, but easy enough that advanced tech knowledge is not required?