Muse Brainbay not working for me


Downloaded your version of Brainbay, started muse-io with --osc osc.udp://:5000; it pairs with the Muse fine, all lights steady.
Then I run Brainbay, go to the Muse setting, click on the open port button (the Listen port: window shows osc.udp://.5000) and always get this error message:
Error allocating OSC server! Is the specified port available?
The muse-io command window reports everything good and active.


If the red dot above was only a typing mistake in your post, I don’t know, but it should be: osc.udp://[SIZE=24px][B]:[/B][/SIZE]5000


Thanks Eduardo for replying; it was a typo. I think maybe my system refuses to use udp for some reason as i get the same kind of error in Muse Lab when I try to use the udp protocol (when I use tcp in Muse Lab it works fine but not with Brainbay).