Muse Calm API Documentation


Is there any documentation about how to access Muse Calm session data through an API? I would like to automatically import my session data into my habit-tracking calendar at


Hi clark800,

Presently there is no way to access the data outside of the application. However, if you have a suggestion as to another way you think would be very useful to see your data results please feel free to post it here. I will make sure to bring it up to the people that can make it happen to see how it might fit into our timeline.

Tell us what kind of data format or notifications you want/need to support this calendar system.


Hi Farough,

The goal of GroupHabits is to track adherence to habits as you can see in my calendar:

This is not only a useful way to view the data, but also a social reinforcement system where users can form groups to help each other stick to their habits and get notified when group members are slipping.

Ideally I would like a list of the following: session start timestamp, session duration, and session quality (some numerical metric such as average calmness). I would like to be able to query by date or by month and have it return a JSON response containing all session on that day or during that month. An Oauth login would be nice, but I would be ok with doing a username/password login.

I imagine the Calm app already has an API for something like this. If you have any documentation you can provide I could probably get it to work for this.

Chris Clark