Muse Calm - First Impressions


I tried this app for the first time today. Overall I was impressed by the quality of the experience. I am yet to unlock the advanced features but I’m looking forward to those.

A question for the developers… is my data available online somewhere? At the moment the account doesn’t seem to have a purpose - unless I just can’t figure it out. It would be good to have the data synced between devices, which it looks like isn’t the case at the moment. This would also allow us to get a new phone/tablet etc and not lose our history.


Hi asher,

Thanks! So glad to hear you had a good experience.

If you go into “See Your Data”, you can keep track of your past sessions in your account. Also, the data should sync between devices - if you tried and it’s not working, it might have been due to a bug. Try again and let me know?