Muse Data In Unity


Hi! I’ve just started using the Muse headset with Unity 3D, and I’m a little confused. I’m trying to create a simple application that changes the color of a cube every time I blink. When I run Muse IO and the Muse Lab application, the blink detection is spot on. However, when I’m checking the incoming Blink messages in Unity, they nearly all come back Zero, with the occasional One that doesn’t necessarily correspond with an actual blink. I’m using UnityOSC ( to read the data from the headset, and everything seems to be working fine, just that data doesn’t seem to be consistent.

I was wondering if anyone else has had this experience, and if so, what I may be doing wrong.

Thanks a lot!


I actually just tried using a different library and got the results I was looking for. I used this library instead:

I found this library to be much better than what I was initially using.


Would love to know how you set it up and accessed the Muse data. Thanks!


I’ve tried the library (, but it did not work with muse 2016, but I found this library is better.
The page here can also help.


I think that quality unity developer will be able to fix yours troubles