Muse device not found in MuseStatsIos


I am trying to make MuseStatsIos working on my MAC with my 2014 Muse:

  • I can pair it,
  • I cannot put a team to the project because I dont have a subscription to Apple
  • I can build the app on a virtual iphone7

However I cannot find my Muse Device, the line where there is supposed to have the name of the device is blank.

Do you have any Idea?
Thank you


To the best of my knowledge, you need to be a member of the Apple Developer Program in order to test an application on a physical iPhone/iPad. I don’t think there is a way around this, but you should check the Apple Developer site for the most up to date information.

Testing on a simulator won’t work as the Bluetooth connection is not simulated.


Great it’s working!
I also had to put : set enable bitcode = No.

It would save a lot of time to specify this in your getting start doc:

  • App won’t work on simulator
  • In order to deploy it on your physical device, you need to have a dev subscription, free account won’t work.
  • in the settings of the project, click on Build Settings, set enable bitcode to No.

have a great day,
Thanks for your help