Muse Direct and Muse S

I have seen that Muse Direct is not compatible with the Muse S, but I can’t find anywhere that can tell me why.

Is it a software development issue or a hardware issue?
Will it be compatible in the future?
Is there any other way to extract the raw data, for example does the Muse S work with the Mind Monitor app?

I’m thinking about upgrading but I’m still not certain, I would just like to know that I could export the information and use it myself.

Thanks in advance

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I am also interested in whether muse s is or will be compatible with mind monitor or muse direct, i purchased the S assuming it was the ‘most’ featured, and therefore would be most able to do a variety of things.

Yes, it is compatible with Mind Monitor :slight_smile:
See the FAQ page here:

Fantastic! thanks!