Muse Direct automatic startup and setting of port



I’ve started using the muse-player and have since been able to send data from Muse Direct to MusePlayer (.bat file) which then reroutes it to Unity. This, however, does require manual input (setting up the port etc) which I don’t want. Is there any way to get around this and make it an automatic proces?

So basically what I want is a executable program which makes the bluetooth connection with muse and sends data over a set port (5000) using OSC.

old post below

Recently I got back to trying to conncect the Muse 2014 headband to Unity.
I have since discovered that how I used to do it (MuseIO on a Windows sending to a certain port) is no longer available, so i’ve tried using the new recommended Muse Direct.

I got it to a point where I am sending data to a certain port using MuseDirect (UDP). I am receiving parts of this data in Unity, but not what I am used to getting. For example, I am receiving “/muse/eeg” in Unity while I believe I should be receiving more (actual EEG values etc.).

I’ve tried using Python to receive the signal, which seems to be receiving more than just “/muse/eeg”. This makes me believe that the OSC scripts I’m using for Unity are somehow filtering some data which they shouldn’t.

So my question, has anyone had any progress with getting it to work in Unity (while not running on a mobile)?