Muse Direct doesn`t see Muse


I`d really be interested in getting Must 2016 to connect to PC through Muse Direct.
Unfortunately when I start Muse Direct, it just says “No Muse Device detected” even tho my Muse is turned on and sitting comfortably next to PC. BT is on and working properly.

Is there a specific version of BT needed for connection or specific chipset?



Anyone have an idea? Anyone tested Muse Direct yet?


Not working for me either. I also have a BLE dongle, still not working.


I have trouble too


I’m also having trouble. My Windows 10 PC does not have Bluetooth built in, but I have a Bluegiga Bluetooth Low Energy dongle.


The Insignia USB Bluetooth Adapter works well with Muse Direct and my Windows desktop.


I followed the recommendations here:

and switched to an ASUS USB BT-400 dongle. The compute now sees the headset fine.