Muse Direct for iOS now available!


Muse Direct for iOS is now available!

Visualize, record, and stream data from any Muse device. See real-time graphs of your brainwaves, band powers, and movement data. Pinch to zoom in and out, swipe to see history. Add notes and markers to log events. Download data from the cloud in your preferred format: EDF, MNE, CSV, and JSON. Stream OSC data to a desktop computer to develop apps and visualizations.

Please do let us know your feedback and how we can make it better!

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Hi Paul

Im quite new to EEG imaging and Im using it for nuerofeedback. Can you please direct me to a tutorial for connecting a 2016 model Muse Headband to a Mac. Theoretically I can stream from Muse Direct to MuseLab but where is the setup guide.

Also is it true that the 2016 Muse is not supported by MuseLab anymore and if so is it necessary to use MuseDirect.

What other Mac compatible software options are out there which connect to MuseDirect?

Hope you can help me out


This is the great news!
I have been using the app for some days and can say that I like it so far.

  1. This works! Muse direct for PC (Windows 10) simply does not.
  2. This seems to be more precise than Muse Monitor (the only one tool we actually had before)
  3. Different options and views to see and analyze raw data and spectrum.

The only one thing, I miss so far: the possibility to get the data in MatLab format. I also could not find how to get data in CSV or JSON, .muse format only.


Hi Oleg -
You can download CSV and JSON(and more) from the Muse Direct Cloud, located here:

We currently don’t have Matlab support just yet, but it is on our to-do list.

Let us know if you have any other questions!


Hi N.Mckenna -
We have a video for connecting Muse Direct for Windows to Muse Lab. You can follow a very similar process for Muse Direct for iOS. Here is the link:

And here is another one for how to visualize data in Muse Lab:

As for your question about Muse 2016 and associated tools: Muse 2016 is supported by Muse Lab and all version of Muse Direct. Muse-IO does not support Muse 2016.

Let us know if you have any other questions.


Just after the free trial ended and the paid subscription kicked in, the app stopped working and now just spinning-wheels endlessly on startup.


For anyone having issues with Muse Direct randomly becoming nonfunctional (as I’ve had happen 5 times on two up-to-date iPhones of different models), I’ve found that removing it and reinstalling from the App Store restores it working order for a time. It’ll dump any saved configurations in the process.


Hi gborreson - The spinning wheel problem is fixed now(with the 1.3 release), very sorry about that!


Can this stream OSC data onto a Mac?


Yes, Muse Direct can stream OSC data onto a Mac, or anywhere else!


Can I use Muse Direct at the same time as Muse app while meditation session? Or is there any other way to see my raw data while meditation? Thanks