Muse Direct Keeps Dropping Connection


I have successfully paired my Muse 2014 with Windows 10 via Kinivo Bluetooth dongle (one of the three dongles recommended by Muse). Muse Direct sees my headset, connects, but almost immediately drops the connection. It continues in this process indefinitely, momentarily re-establishing the connection, then dropping it within 1-2 seconds. And ideas what the problem could be? Any help greatly appreciated by this newbie! Thanks in advance.


I was able to resolve the issue and connect the headset. Many people have had this same issue, so perhaps this will help someone, here’s what I did.

Followed all instructions here for resetting your bluetooth connection:

In PC settings, made PC visible to bluetooth devices
In PC settings, enabled bluetooth file sharing
Paired my headset with Windows 10 through notifications panel (ensure bluetooth on)
Turn off headset.
Open Muse Direct on PC.
Turn headset back on in normal mode.
Connect PC to headset via windows 10 notifications panel.
In Muse Direct, toggle bluetooth slider for my Muse headset

I also used a different USB port on my PC for the dongle as suggested in a different thread. Don’t know if that had an effect or not, but thought I should mention it.