Muse Direct & Mac Compatibility



Hi all,

My understanding with Muse-Direct was that I could use with Muse 2016 headband and Mac to analyze graphs, but apparently that’s not the case. Can someone please help explain a workflow that will be compatible? Hopefully without having to purchase several more apps.

My ideal outcome is to have data and graphs on Mac. I have Muse 2016 headband, IOS currently with Muse and Muse-Direct apps. I am able to download csv and other file types to the Mac, but I’m not finding a good way to graph the files.

On another note and may be irrelevant after I get a proper workflow… is it possible to run Muse and Muse-direct at the same time? My findings are no, only one app can be paired with the headband at one time, but perhaps I’m missing something?

Thanks for the help!