Muse direct + muse 2016 on win 10 can't connect


Hi there, my Muse Direct can see the device but can’t connect, any advice? Maybe the pc doesn’t allow third party software to create connection? Shall i fix something in the firewall, ports or something like that? Thanks.


I’m having the same problem.

I’m using one of the recommended Bluetooth dongle. I bought it specifically for this purpose.
Has anyone successfully connected a muse 2016 with win 10 ?

Is there anyone that can help ?


I am having the same issue as well. My laptop’s bluetooth setting says it’s paired to the laptop but on Muse Direct the bluetooth connection only flickers, never stabilizing enough to record data.


I’m experiencing a similar issue - Here’s the process I followed to create the issue (info on the hardware I tried is below):

  • Power on the Muse 2016 headset - I see that it’s flashing lights in sequence as it would when it’s ready to connect
  • Start Muse Direct
  • I see my headset show up in the list of available devices
  • I click on the switch under the bluetooth icon to connect to the device. The message “Connecting to Muse-XXXX…” is displayed (XXXX displays my device’s actual name).
  • On the Muse headset, I see the lights turn solid (when it does when it connects to something like my phone successfully)
  • After about 10-20 seconds, I see a message “Connection failed” message.

So far the only instance where I’ve been able to get it to successfully connect was on a 2013 iMac running Windows 10 in a virtual machine (via VirtualBox) and exposing the internal Apple Bluetooth controller to the VM. (Note I had to install the Apple Bootcamp driver for the Apple Bluetooth controller for it to recognize it properly). This is all well and good, but I’d like it to work on my real hardware using windows 10 :wink:

A little information about the hardware I’ve tried:

  • Asus UX430U laptop running Windows 10 - Bluetooth hardware is an Intel-based solution
  • Lenovo IdeaCentre 300 - Windows 10 - Bluetooth hardware I’m unsure of its make (I’m assuming Intel as well), and it’s likely older (this is the 2014 version of the stick)

I can provide more detailed info on the bluetooth hardware and drivers used if that’s helpful.