Muse Direct OSC setup for non-local machine


I would like to set up an option in Muse Direct that will allow me to send OSC data to a different machine over the internet. I have specified a specific port via port-forwarding for the receiving application, but not sure what exactly needs to be done on the end for muse direct. Is this possible? do I need to build a socket/server that proxies between muse direct and the other machine?

Also, I need to know the number of channels (the array size) for Muse direct output stream (OSC) regarding elements (fft) data. Thanks in advance!


I’ve haven’t tried this setup myself but I believe Muse Direct has this support. I couldn’t tell if you tried creating your own/new OSC output and entering in your destination IP and port like this:


Hi, thank-you for your response! I thought this setup only supports machines within your own local network, not to a port located on a remote device.