Muse Direct OSC Stream to python-osc on WIN10



I try to set up a local ( OSC stream from Muse Direct to python-osc but no messages arrive in python-osc. I tried the python-osc example in the muse developer page as well as the python-osc github examples but no OSC messages from muse get through.

If I use a simple python UDP client for testing the connectivity and paths all messages get through but useless cause to their OSC protocol …
If I creat my own OSC client to test the Server everything works as well.

Any ideas? is the osc protocol of muse direct compatible with the python-osc?


Hey emanuel, they should be compatible.

You may need to update your python code to specify the name of your Muse. For example if your muse is called Muse-6111, then you would update the python code

@make_method('/muse/eeg', 'ffff')


@make_method('/Muse-6111/eeg', 'ffff')

Have a look with a raw OSC consumer like OSCulator to see exactly what the paths need to be.