Muse direct + processing


Hi muse fans,

Does anyone of you have experience to grab data in processing with muse direct.?
I would use this code to visualize waves but It not working.

May someting wrong with , preset conf? ,AddrPattern ?

Code find below :


OSC sends the data over the network, so you might need to play with your firewall settings. Also check you’re using the same port settings on both apps.

If you want to visualize your waves a little more easily, you can do this directly on your mobile device with Muse Monitor. As well as viewing the live data, you can also record and then view the waves online here.


In terms of OSC path for muse io is the following : /muse/eeg , but for muse direct is /eeg

Is that correct? I sends Osc data on


Muse Direct will have different prefixes depending on what you’ve set in the app. For example, in the above screenshot it will start with “Person0”.


Can I stream the data to a computer after I recorded the EEG data in a phone by muse monitor? Or I have to do this at the same time? Namely that the data are streamed to a computer when the data are recording by the muse monitor?


Streaming from Muse Monitor is live. You can re-stream a .Muse format recording using Muse-IO from the computer.


Muse monitor and have same prefixes? Can I use muse monitor instead of for the following visualization?


Yes. Note that Muse.IO has a variable starting prefix. Muse Monitor has the exact same prefixes as Muse Player, so as to be 100% compatible with Muse Lab.


Hi, I just bought muse 2016 headset and trying to use it to send OSC to processing too. So now Muse Direct can send OSC to processing right? I saw people mention using Muse Monitor because Muse IO can only work with muse 2014 to send OSC. But based on this post it seems that Muse Direct can do it now.


Correct. You can use Muse Direct on PC now if you have a compatible bluetooth usb device.


Thanks! :grin:


When I open Muse Lab to visualize the EEG, processing can not read signal at the same time, it will say can not bind …port 5000. Is there anyway we can use Muse Lab and processing at the same time?