Muse Direct running under Parallels on Mac?


I am unable to get Muse Direct running under Parallels on Mac to connect with MuseMonitor on iOS. Can someone post directions specific to this situation?


Muse Direct and Muse Monitor both send OSC data… so you wouldn’t want them to talk to one another. What exactly are you trying to do?


No wonder! I thought I would be sending from Muse Monitor and viewing in Muse Direct, thank you for the clarification. I wanted to view the data on my laptop in real time, and see if there were other apps that would utilize the data. Other monitors, games, etc. Can’t believe besides your app that there is not a big vibrant app community based on Muse.

I guess I can send from Muse Direct to another app like Processing, but I’m no programmer and I wanted to see if there was a suite of desktop apps that use the data.

BTW I really like your app, although I’m losing interest in Muse itself. Getting harder to get a good connection, app experience all over the place, but in the end it did get me sitting more, which was the goal in the first place.


Muse Lab is the easiest thing to visualize with. I think it is actually written in Processing :wink:

If you use this Muse Lab config file and it’ll set everything up for you as soon as you load it.


Was there a reason why you didn’t mention that this requires Muse-io, which only supports Muse 2014 headbands? I also didn’t mention I have Muse 2016.

“Muse-io is only available on Mac and Linux and only supports Muse 2014 headbands. For new projects, we recommend using Muse 2016 with Muse Direct on Windows 10.”


You don’t have to use Muse IO if you’re using Muse Monitor.

Muse Monitor will stream OSC data direct to Muse Lab.


You can use Muse Direct under Parallels, but you need a USB bluetooth dongle. I use this configuration all the time.