Muse Direct - strange outputs




I’ve just started to use Muse Direct., but received data for Raw EEG looks quite strange, definitely not like EEG signal. Below I’m pasting a graph, data presented are the every OSCMessage response with Address string that contains “…/eeg”. I’m using SharpOSC to receive data from Muse Direct and doing it in a loop similar to this simplified one:

var listener = new UDPListener(7000);	
while (messageReceived == null)
	messageReceived = (OscMessage)listener.Receive();
return messageReceived;

What’s causing such strange signal ? The UDPListener constructor callback parameter (the second one) seems to not firing with Muse Direct, that’s why the loop has been used. You described it here below:

Best regards and thanks for help !


Of course it is all under Windows. I’ve forgot to mention…


Looks like a bad connection on the ear sensors. Get as much hair out of the way as possible and if very dry, I would recommend rubbing the sensors with a damp finger before starting.



It was a problem with receiving data from async tasks which was badly synchronized with signal from other device. If you see such outputs, check ordering / queuing received packets.