Muse EEG Readings Interpretations


Hi - Is there a simple guide to the EEG readings? I.e. what does absolute alpha mean and what does relative alpha mean etc. How does i find my dominant state in a ten minute window? I.e. Are there more Alpha waves produced. Is there a way we can estimate the number of recoveries or birds?

Any help would be much appreciated.



Hey there,

This page has some nice overview stuff about what your eeg recordings can mean

If you want to dive deep on the bands (relative and absolute, etc), try this


Thanks - I get the relative concept, tells us what’s the dominant state in a given time period.

How does one simply interpret absolute?

In a simple example, assuming I am only in alpha stage (all other waves are non existent), my oscillations should be 8-12 hz, now how is this captured in absolute?

I guess relative my score will be 1, as that is the only wave.