Muse EEG signal quality


We intended to use MUSE in research so I recently gave an EEG signal recorded with MUSE to an EEG specialist (medical doctor). He told me that he cannot recognize any EEG and that probably what we see is filtered muscle artefact. He suspects that the problem is with dry electrodes in general.

So, is it possible to get some comparison (i.e. parallel recording) with a standard EEG device so that we can be assured that MUSE really measures EEG.

As a bio-engineer I must say that I cannot see distinct EEG spectrum features though I see eye related artifacts very good.
During the measurement the horse shoe indicators indicates that signal is ok.


Hey Marko,

I answered a similar question a while ago in post #6 in this thread. Basically, the answer is yes! We have compared Muse to a standard clinical EEG device (the BrainVision actiChamp/actiCAP system) and found that they’re quite close.


I don’t know any EEG specialist. It would be nice if some specialist could tell me if the picture bellow has some meaning to him.
( bigger image here: )


Hi Tom,

I tried to follow the thread link you posted but it looks like the link is dead. Can you provide me the citation where Muse was validated? I would like to use Muse for research but need to ensure validation first.




Hi Andrea,

You can check out some papers that have been published using Muse at

Also please contact our VP of Research. He can help answer any more questions you have. I’ve sent you his contact info in a private message.