/muse/eeg single pasing on to FFT to get a Frequency how and what to do


Dear all,

I still have a question on how to process the /muse/eeg single I get from the muse.
I need to get the Frequency from every time it is given.

Any one know the SamplingWindowsStep, Bitrate and the buffersize to use for a FFT calculation on the /muse/eeg?

I was using the MuseIO v3.4.0 and it worked fine with the /muse/dsp/bandpower/raw_fft0 to 3, but after it changed in version 3.6.0 to the /muse/elements/raw_fft0 to fft3 it had a overlap of 90% and it my FFT calculation gave me not any more the correct frequencies. So I like to work now on the /muse/eeg singel to get the Frequencies by FFT.

Still I don’ d see how to calculated them correct.

Any help?