Muse Elements


I’ve assumed I’m supposed to set up the DSP Settings in Muse-Lab to get access to these ‘events’, but I don’t know how.
Where can I find out how to set up detection for these events/channels listed in MuseIO 3.2.0 ?
What is Muse Elements and how can I figure out how to use it?

  • [B]MuseIO 3.2.0[/B] [LIST]
  • The first version of Muse Elements - our basic DSP package for developers: [LIST]
  • Blink event
  • Jaw Clench event
  • Relative band powers for each channel: alpha, beta, gamma, theta, delta, and low frequencies
  • FFT for each channel
  • Proper fit indicator for each channel
  • Data quality indicator for each channel


add -dsp to the cmd prompt


Yea, for muse-io. So run muse-io with --dsp flag.


Wow, this is amazing, thanks guys!