Muse experience iphone


Years ago, I was part of a university biofeedback experiment (1978) that helped me overcome exam anxiety. I knew of some of the benefits of meditation but like many just could not coordinate my lifestyle to accommodate any form of schedule. My curiousity about the Muse was finally overcome (Jan 2017) when I was able to spend a portion of my personal expense account (thx Sun Life) at Best Buy. I would recommend the promotion that includes the carrying case.

In any event, I have used the Muse headband with my iphone (6) for 188 days straight, now at level 24. My tips for the Muse and Iphone are:

  1. Before using the Muse app, close all open windows on the iphone (flick the open window up to close) this action seems to overcome the “can’t connect problem”.

  2. Consider replacing the Apple earphones with Sony earbuds.

  3. When distracted I have had some limited success refocusing on passages from Vernon Howard’s book “The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power”.

All in all, I don’t expect miracles but the Muse has been somewhat helpful. Hopefully, future upgrades will include more sound scapes that are more in tune with my surroundings (Northern Alberta) like the lake at night, winds through a mountain pass or prairie farm.