Muse for auto-hypnosis?



This is my first post here.

Do you know if there is an app
that allows someone to do auto-hypnosis
with the Muse device, by letting the user
choose one positive affirmation (audio) that
he wants to implant into is subconscious
mind instead of hearing birds singing or
hearing soundscapes?

If there is no app for that, could it be possible
and easy for me to create something with the
developper or research tool kit, that would allow
me to hear my positive affirmation when my
dominant brainwaves are between 10 Hz and 6 Hz?

Please, give me as much detailed information
as possible because I am really interested
to use the Muse device for my auto-hypnosis
sessions only if it’s possible to personalize the
audio feedback.

Thank you,