Muse for unity PC


Hello, I wonder if there is any provided code to link muse to unity PC ( not IOS or android)
Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi @tiblop
I had tried to do some development with Unity for VR in PC window 7.
Could share some code with you and see if its good for you.
But then u have to first make sure the muse IO is open and port to the desired location.
Put this two class that I adapted from a OSC extension online into the unity assets (project)
Create another script that will attach into the hierarchy:


Did you give up on VR?


Well, I didn’t really. Just that I find there are some problems with the signal processing so I kind of stop further development at this moment.


Have you done any visualizations in unity of muse data?


I didnt even go that far…
How about you have you try anything?