Muse headset sensor information


I am using MUSE headset to collect the data using osc and also muse lab. I wanted to verify if all the 4 sensors are of the same type and also wanted to check if the data that comes back corresponds to left ear, left forehead, right forehead, right ear correspondingly.

We are using muse lab to collect the training data and we are using osc to collect the test data


The diagram shows that the signals in 4 columns, Can you tel us know which one corresponds to which. And also u can see some difference in the columns , some columns are completely in a different range to others. Please help us clarify if are doing the things correctly


The main differences between the electrodes are the materials, but that will not affect the overall scale of the data. As you can see, the forehead electrodes are made of metal, and the ear electrodes are made of conductive rubber. The gain is the same for each channel, though.

Generally, the data from the ear channels will look different than the data from the forehead channels, but this is because they are receiving very different signals (they are in different locations, after all), not because the hardware is different.

You are correct about the order of the channels from MuseIO as recorded by MuseLab. So in that table, the order should be as you’ve stated: left ear, left forehead, right forehead, right ear.

The fact that one of the channels has different-looking data on it just means that that particular electrode is receiving a different-looking signal, not necessarily that something is wrong with the headband itself. From that very small snippet in the table, it looks like it is fluctuating quite a bit, so perhaps it is not well connected to the head, or there is some large disturbance in the signal such as muscle movement.

Are you observing a real-time graph of the data in MuseLab while you’re recording it? That can be helpful for making sure you’re getting reasonably good data. Normally I would suggest using the signal quality indicator in the top right corner or MuseLab, but there is a bug in the current SDK which disables it. We’ll release a fix for this soon.


Is there a way to change the values for EEG output frequency At the moment the default is 220HZ. We would like to change it to something like 500 Hz. Can you please us know if it is possible and if so how ?


Can you also tell me what is the meaning of Output Mode = SEROUT_COMPRESS mean, When i run the muse-io, I see this message and i am not sure if the data is getting compressed


220Hz is the only sampling rate available for consumer Muses.

Yes, the output mode SEROUT_COMPRESS means compression is enabled. For more info on how/when Muse data is compressed, see here: