Muse in conjunction with Hypnosis Session


Had my first recorded session during a 30 minute self-hypnosis session. I believe it went well… are there any other Hypnotherapist out there using Muse for research or with clients?


I am a hypnotherapist and acupuncturist. I just got a muse and will be doing some research as well. Let’s keep in touch with our results.


Hi guys. I’m a executive coach using hynosis, NLP and other modalities. Bought the Heartmaths Emwave and now Muse. I am planning on giving Muse’s to clients for the duration that we spend together. I find hypnosis combined with meditation practices to be very effective. These devices are very helpful for many of my clients who have struggled with meditation in the past. + I love using them myself. Happy to share/chat/connect.


It’s been some time since you posted, but I was curious as to how the combination of Muse and hypnotherapy was going. I’m also curious, AdrianCahill, about the differences you’ve found between using the Emwave (which I also considered purchasing) and Muse.