Muse-IO/Calm app source code?


My group is using the Muse for our senior project, and we’re working on processing the signals into something meaningful.

Is it possible to get the Muse-IO source code, or even the Calm app’s source code?
I’m more interested in the Muse-IO source code in order to piggy-back our own processing on top of it, instead of running it through another app, only to ultimately forward that to another app as well.


Hi Andrew,

The source code for Muse-IO and Calm is not available. We’re currently developing libraries to include in our SDK that will allow you to write program/apps just like them, though. We’ll keep you posted on the developer website about that.

In the meantime, you could write code that receives Muse data from Muse-IO over OSC and then processes it. OSC libraries are available for most languages and are generally very easy to use. Then, if/when you want to integrate the Bluetooth connection and data streaming directly in your code (i.e. when libraries become available) you can just replace your OSC server with that.