Muse IO - Connection Failure (Ubuntu)


Hello !

For my research, i tried to connect my muse device to my computer with a bluetooth key (Dongle csr 4.0) for get EEG signals, but i get a problem that I can’t fix on my own.

My muse device is correctly paired with my computer (Pic1), but muse-io connection fail (Pic2).
Even more unusual is the fact that I can’t detect the OSC connection (Pic3).

I already searched the solutions in the forum, and i tried various possible solutions ( --osc with tcp/udp address, --device-search… ) with no success.

Thanking you in advance for your response.


Have you got the 2014 MU-01 (two USB ports) or 2016 MU-02 (one USB port) model muse?
Muse-IO only works with the older 2014 MU-01 model.

If you want to do OSC streaming with the new Bluetooth LE 2016 Muse, you can use my app Muse Monitor. Just set your computer IP in the app settings and press the stream button.

If you’re receiving with Muse Lab, you can use this config file to get everything set up.


Oh ok ! It is a surprising choice from interaxon.
Thank you very much ! I will try !